Saturday, November 6, 2010

#2 BEWARE: Worst Mask Ever

Pores Be Pure Skin- Clarifying Mud Mask Review

Recently, I felt like my skin was much oilier than usual. So I went in search of a mask that would help "soak" up the oil. I was about to head out to the drug store to get some when my mom popped into my room and asked me to try this mask she had bought but not used.

To cut a long story short, I followed the instructions on the back of the product and applied it to my face and neck. Within a minute my skin started to burn and there was this painful stinging sensation ALL OVER my face, I rushed to the toilet to wash it all off. 

I WOULD NOT recommend anyone to use this product ever. My skin stung so bad and it remained reddish for the next half hour. Fortunately, it wore off after awhile. I told my mom it was an industrial skin mask and the only time I would ever apply that again (I still have more than half of the mask left) would be to my foot!

But now I'm in search of another mask for oily skin. Any recommendations??


Anonymous said...

lol =) I would like to say I am an loyal fan of yr blog. Keep up the good work!! IMHO I think the SKII mask is pretty good.

princessebeauty said...

Awww thanks! Oh ok, I'll try to get it the next time I go out. Is there a specific SK2 mask or there's just one? :)

Eileen Loh said...

Um. I'm not really sure XD. But I think most of their masks are rather good. It really soaks up the oil imo.