Thursday, September 2, 2010

#1 My First Product Review!

Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum Review
I've bought products from Olay before but this is my favourite product from them so far. I used it for about a month and my friends and family started telling me that my skin was glowing or brighter looking. One of my best friends even asked if I was using a new foundation which gave my skin a glow (although I was wearing NO makeup at that time). It has really shown results so I will definitely be using this for a long time to come, in fact I'm on my second bottle right now! 

Here's a list of reasons I really love this product:

  1. It is fuss free and really easy to apply
  2. There is NO sticky or oily residue left behind
  3. Can be applied under any and everything - If I use it in the day it's usually the base for my make up and if I use it at night I'll put on a layer of moisturiser over it.
  4. Allergy free - As I've really sensitive skin this product did not make me break out or get rashes.
  5. Relatively cheap (about SGD$20), compared to brands like SK2 
  6. Easily available at Guardian, Watsons etc. 
I hope this helps anyone who is considering getting it. Feel free to ask me questions about it :)