Sunday, December 12, 2010

#6 Neutrogena Wave Review

So I probably shouldn't be writing this post right now but I'm really tired of studying so I thought why not take a break? 

Anyway my latest favourite thing is the.... Neutrogena Wave. 

Yes I know, I'm somewhat behind time haha. It has been out for quite awhile but I've to say I was rather skeptical. It's pretty hard to believe a little pink gadget can clean the face so well. My mom and sister were equally skeptical when I brought it home. But all of us gave it a try and it's like our absolute favourite facial wash thingy-a-bob now.

Why? I'll list out the reasons here:
  1. My sister swears by it. She just used it while I was typing this post and she says it brings her pimples to head (to the surface) which makes it easier for her to pop them.
  2. It get rids of blackheads. Surprise? So was I! Imagine my shock the first time I used it to find little black pieces of stuff stuck to the white pad.
  3. My mom says it exfoliates her skin and I've to agree. I look slightly fairer after using it once.
  4. Skin is definitely smoother after 1 use. Probably due to the exfoliation.
  5. Smells heavenly!
  6. Definitely easy to use.
  7. Waterproof. Easy to use in and out of the shower.
My only problem with it would be that it's slightly tougher to scrub around the nose area but I try to be patient and maneuver it around. It's a little pricey too - I got it for SGD$26 at Watsons inclusive of 14 cleansing pads. The refills are SGD$14 for 30 pads but you can try buying them on eBay. It's slightly cheaper there! :)


Audrey♥ said...

great review :) Can't believe it costs that much in the US, here it's like £5

Blonde Caviar said...

this looks good,
I want to get this